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GROW YOUR OWN...HELP THE WORLD... We want you to know who you’re dealing with and what we’re all about… Founded in central Massachusetts in 2010, we opened to help spread the love we have, and debt we owe, to vegetables; delicious and nutritious. We wear our vegetablewear working in our garden all the time, and depend on a healthy environment to grow our annual crop. We also recognize that despite being a small independently owned t-shirt company, the production of our t-shirts does impact our environment. In an effort to offset some of the carbon emitted during our production and shipping process, we’re sending you a package of seeds that match the vegetable t-shirts you order from us. We want you to plant them, love them and eat them. Hopefully, we can make an impact together. On top of all that, if you send us a picture of you, in your vegetablewear, you’ll be immortalized in the slideshow on our homepage! Who could ask for anything more!

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